Care tips for flowers

Quick & easy caring tips for your flowers to keep them fresh

Your flowers are important and need to be taken care of to allow to blossom. Here we give seven simple guidelines to help you take care of your flowers.

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Allow your flowers to blossom 

Your flowers will arrive in bud fresh from the grower so they last for longer. Please allow time for your roses and lilies to open and bloom.



Keep your flowers hydrated

Flowers like lots of water. Fill a vase halfway with clean fresh water as this will help the flowers absorb the water more quickly. To rehydrate, add the flower food as instructed on the packet.




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Neaten your flowers

Remove all packaging from your bouquet. Leave the binding tie on your bouquet intact as it keeps the stems together. Cut 2-3 cm off the end of each stem at a 45 degree angle. This creates more surface area to absorb the water. Repeat this every 2-3 days.




Place your flowers in sensible place

Place your vase in a cool, draft free position away from heat, fruit and direct sunlight.




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Remove pollen from your flowers

Remove any pollen from lilies once open, as this can stain clothes and furniture and can be toxic to pets.



Respect guard petals

Roses will come with guard petals which are the most outer petals of the rose they may appear discoloured and crinkled. Guard Petals are a natural part of a rose. They are there to protect the delicate inner petals of a rose. It is recommended that you leave guard petals intact as removing guard petals can shorten the life span of your rose.

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If removing guard petals do so with care

If you wish to remove the guard petals, begin by holding the stem of the rose below the base of the head and with your other hand grasp the outer guard petal between the thumb and forefinger and gently pull the guard petal upwards and outwards. You generally get 2-4 guard petals per rose. Only remove the very outer petals ensuring you do not remove any inner petals, as this will prevent your roses from opening properly.